Timmy (timiathan) wrote in rattle_poetry,

New Features at www.RATTLE.com

There are two cool new features online that I wanted to share:

1) Rattle Audio Archives. Any poems that have been published in Rattle are elligible for the archives, if the poets can come up with recordings. This section will continue to grow, but we start out with 21 MP3s, and poems by: Arlene Ang, Matthew Babcock, Laurie Blauner, Sally Bliumis-Dunn, David Cazden, Anne Coray, Barbara Crooker, James Doyle, Conrad Geller, Greg German, M.L. Liebler, Michelle Margolis, Mario Milosevic, John Nimmo, Jennifer Perrine, Dian Duchin Reed, Thom Ward, and yours truly. We'll also be adding clips from interviews in the near future. Download, read along, and enjoy.

2) Really Simple Syndication. I couldn't figure out how to categorize feeds (as they are 'tagged' on the blogger RSS), and I wanted people to have the opportunity to only subscribe to the content they're interested in, so I set up four separate feeds:


These feeds will automatically send all content-updates out into the aether. "Poetry" will be published once a week, usually on Sunday, providing full-text of the Poem of the Week, and links to the other new poems. The rest will be published PRN, probably a few times each month.

Who cares about RSS feeds, though, when we've got a livejournal, that I still think works better? Just add whichever of these you're interested in to your friends lists:


I've been doing a horrible job of keep this community up to date, but these syndication feeds will update automatically. The audio and e-issue feeds aren't all that important, but I really think the Poem of the Week and review feeds would be worth it.
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