Timmy (timiathan) wrote in rattle_poetry,

RATTLE BLOG SPECIAL -- Other Lit Mags Dump

At the office we get copies of maybe 50 other journals in the mail, plus many more individual books from people who want us to review them, but never will. Our cupboards are full. Iowa Review, Chatohachee Review, Gihon Review, Senecca Review, and on and on.

If anyone wants some of these, just send money for postage, either as cash, or checks payable to:

12411 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

$3.03 would cover about 6 or 7 journals, which is probably how many I can fit in an envelope. $1.59 would cover 2. Send the postage, and I'll just stuff an envelope full of journals and poetry books at random. Could be fun.

Or...order a copy of the new issue -- send $10, mention this, and I'll fill the envelope with another 5 or 6 journals, too. (The new issue is our "silver annivesary," and features interviews with Hayden Carruth and Mark Jarman, plus a selection of our favorite RATTLE poems from the past...I'll make a full post about it later.) You can see who's magazine you like better.

Anyone interested? Maybe not, but I don't know what else to do with these other journals, and I'd feel horrible just throwing them away.
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