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Blog-Only Special: Returns & Comp Copy Dump

I tried this before, was it six months ago? But here's another chance, and I made it easier this time -- no one has to physically send me anything...

Every 6 months we get books returned from one of our distributors -- they're marked with a pen, and sometimes the covers are bent a little, so we can't re-sell them. Also, there are about 100 literary journals that we exchange with, so I have a bin over flowing with Iowa Reviews, Greensboro Reviews, Arts&Letters, and things like that. After I read them I don't know what to do -- don't have the space to keep them, but hate to throw them away.

So the deal is this: Pay for the postage, and I'll stuff a big envelope full of as many of literary journals as I can (probably 6 or 7 per envelope), and I'll include a returned copy of last summer's RATTLE.

Postage on this envelope comes to $3.50, and I made added this to our online vendor -- just click this link to pay secure with a credit card.

If there's any particular literary journal you're hoping for, note that in the comment section in your order (I don't mean the LJ comments)...there's a good chance I have it.
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