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New Section at www.RATTLE.com: E-Reviews

There's only room for about 10 reviews each year in the print issues of Rattle, which forces us to have very strict guidelines about length and subject, and doesn't let us run all the reviews we otherwise would.

Publishing unlimited reviews online allows us to let anyone say anything about any book/journal/anthology relating to poetry. The only rules are that you can't write reviews of your own books, and you can't be a bastard -- if it's a negative review, criticize the book, don't flame the author.

I want this to be a comprehensive section readers can browse to find which books to buy and which to avoid. Kind of like Amazon.com's reviews, only a little more literary, and about poetry.

We'll give the first 50 reviewers a forthcoming issue of RATTLE (or extension on subscription) as payment. Write a little review, get a lot of poetry! Guidelines are here. Please spread the word.

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