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Rattle LJ Syndication [09 Jul 2008|12:03pm]

Sorry to do this to you, if you were reading, but Rattle has a new RSS feed, and so a new LJ syndication: rattle_rss. On the bright side, it's due to a nice upgrade -- I'm now publishing content in a blog format, with a new poem or review every single day. They'll all go up at 8am EST, so perfect for procrastinating first thing into the office!

The old syndication feeds are going to wither on the vine, so add this to your friends lists!

Mailing List for Tim's Book [14 May 2008|01:23pm]

I don't know if anyone still watches this community, now that we have the RSS feed on LJ and no longer post here. But if anyone is listening...

My first book of poems, American Fractal, is coming out from Red Hen Press in December. I'm working on their publicity sheet now, and I need as many names and addresses as I can from people who'd like to receive a flyer a few months before publication, with a form to preorder copies at a discount.

If you can, please help me by entering your address into this poll. (Results are hidden from everyone but me.) Thanks!

RATTLE e.3 - Fall 2007 - Now Available [02 Oct 2007|05:53pm]


Table of Contents:

About this E-Issue 4

Jeannine Hall Gailey - Becoming the Villainess - 6
Lynne Thompson - Beg No Pardon - 14

Daniella Zalcman - The Salton Sea - 24

Norman Ball - Being Difficult - 30

Art Beck - The Drunken Boat: Rimbaud tr. by Greinke - 34

T.S. Davis - Essay: A Kind of Gift - 45
The Gravedigger Thinks Of - 49
Cortney Davis - Diagnosis HIV - 50
Marsha Smith Janson - Sky Stays the Same - 51
Geri Rosenzweig - The Street of the Cellist - 52
Anne Webster - Dry Drowning - 53
Tess Gallagher - Conversation Excerpt - 54

Order Form 58
Rattle Poetry Prize Guidelines 59


New Features at www.RATTLE.com [28 Jun 2007|03:45pm]

There are two cool new features online that I wanted to share:

1) Rattle Audio Archives. Any poems that have been published in Rattle are elligible for the archives, if the poets can come up with recordings. This section will continue to grow, but we start out with 21 MP3s, and poems by: Arlene Ang, Matthew Babcock, Laurie Blauner, Sally Bliumis-Dunn, David Cazden, Anne Coray, Barbara Crooker, James Doyle, Conrad Geller, Greg German, M.L. Liebler, Michelle Margolis, Mario Milosevic, John Nimmo, Jennifer Perrine, Dian Duchin Reed, Thom Ward, and yours truly. We'll also be adding clips from interviews in the near future. Download, read along, and enjoy.

2) Really Simple Syndication. I couldn't figure out how to categorize feeds (as they are 'tagged' on the blogger RSS), and I wanted people to have the opportunity to only subscribe to the content they're interested in, so I set up four separate feeds:


These feeds will automatically send all content-updates out into the aether. "Poetry" will be published once a week, usually on Sunday, providing full-text of the Poem of the Week, and links to the other new poems. The rest will be published PRN, probably a few times each month.

Who cares about RSS feeds, though, when we've got a livejournal, that I still think works better? Just add whichever of these you're interested in to your friends lists:


I've been doing a horrible job of keep this community up to date, but these syndication feeds will update automatically. The audio and e-issue feeds aren't all that important, but I really think the Poem of the Week and review feeds would be worth it.

Desperate Plea for Help [17 Mar 2007|05:34am]

The RATTLE.com website has been facing a stream of hacker attacks for the last two months, to the point where someone is breaking in every day now. It seems as if they're somehow acquiring our password, or at least have the ability to put up files at will. We're using PHP, but it's ridiculously basic, with no input forms, nothing that seems like it could be manipulated. Everything I've tried to do to fix this has failed, and it's driving me crazy.

Anyone out there have any suggestions? Contacts for web security? I have no idea what to do, and I really think it's a flaw in the code and not just our web host.

I'm going to spend a lot of time tomorrow creating a bare-bones html site to put up while we try to figure out what's going on. I don't have time to deal with this. Blah.

[05 Jan 2007|04:08pm]

Rattle is currently having a "Back Issue Blowout Sale." $5 a pop and we pay the shipping, plus if you purchase 5 issues you get a free one year subscription. It's a pretty sweet deal.

Visit the website HERE for more info and to shop back issues.

[05 Jan 2007|11:01am]

Gary Lemons

for Sam


I walk the streets today as I have so
Often in the last thirty three years.
It's an arbitrary number to look back to
A place to start counting but my number
Nonetheless--thirty three years, the years of
Jesus, that good, misappropriated
Man, the years it took Conrad to begin
To launch dark missals at the human heart.

These are the years a man looks back at when
Winter comes not just to the place he lives
But to his body, left like last season’s
Tools, one storm too long without shelter.

Cold wind comes off the water. Ferries
Labor in grey chop through mill smoke bringing
Tourists, seagulls, perhaps a younger
Version of me to town to begin, one
Hopes, a more fluid way to turn to stone.

I remember this feeling, these shivers
That come from insights and under dressing
When I was a young poet walking from
One bar to another with a warm buzz
In Iowa City in the cold morning,
Late for one class or early for another.
The arctic express came across miles
Of open prairie, bringing the smell
Of wheat stubble down from Canada.
Read the rest of the poem...Collapse )

(About the poem...)

*Congratulations to our 2006 Pushcart Prize Nominees -
The first six weeks of the year the Poem of the Week will feature our six nominations:

Gary Lemons, "New Year's Day 2005"
Mark Jarman, "Northern Lights"
Siobhan Brannigan, "So You Want an Opera Singer..."
Lynn Shaprio, "Sloan-Kettering"
Sophia Rivkin, "Conspriacy
Glenn Morazzini, "Sonny's Song"

Tim Blogs [05 Jan 2007|10:52am]

I've started a new poetry blog at http://timothygreen.blogspot.com

The lj feed is timothygreen

Tune in for discussions on poetry, random Rattle commentary, some of my own poems, things like that.

Blog-Only Special: Returns & Comp Copy Dump [16 Dec 2006|03:16pm]

I tried this before, was it six months ago? But here's another chance, and I made it easier this time -- no one has to physically send me anything...

Every 6 months we get books returned from one of our distributors -- they're marked with a pen, and sometimes the covers are bent a little, so we can't re-sell them. Also, there are about 100 literary journals that we exchange with, so I have a bin over flowing with Iowa Reviews, Greensboro Reviews, Arts&Letters, and things like that. After I read them I don't know what to do -- don't have the space to keep them, but hate to throw them away.

So the deal is this: Pay for the postage, and I'll stuff a big envelope full of as many of literary journals as I can (probably 6 or 7 per envelope), and I'll include a returned copy of last summer's RATTLE.

Postage on this envelope comes to $3.50, and I made added this to our online vendor -- just click this link to pay secure with a credit card.

If there's any particular literary journal you're hoping for, note that in the comment section in your order (I don't mean the LJ comments)...there's a good chance I have it.

[16 Dec 2006|02:18am]

Poem of the Week

Chris Green

He moves furniture for a living, oversized bureaus and
beds for the rich. He is big now and dumb with love
that animals sense -- cats, dogs, squirrels, birds, his
pygmy turtles and rabbits, tree frogs -- they all take him
in, nuzzle his childhood scars, forgive his bad jobs
and girlfriends. The middle child who grew up telling us all
to fuck off -- now a grown man, calls me crying, Why my
(His Great Dane is dead.) He sobs, and I
remember how we beat him -- Mom, Dad, nuns,
coaches, teachers -- I know I did. And like animals
before a storm, he has premonitions -- this time a dream
of me crying over Nina's corpse. He says, I want you to
think about that.
He says it because I'm the godless
eldest son who knows everything. So we carry his huge
dead dog from the vet to his truck to his backyard. He
digs a hole all day then lays her black body in the dark.
Weeping, he seals her in with a last block of sod, and
between the kiddy pool and the garage we embrace. He
whispers, I love you. And in that moment I knew what
animals know.

RATTLE e.1 - FREE Download! [28 Nov 2006|05:39pm]


(click to download - 870kb PDF)


Excerpts from Erik Campbell’s

Arguments for Stillness

Photography by Hall Bergman

Issue #26 Preview:

Excerpts from a Conversation
with Jane Hirshfield

Poems by Patrick Ryan Frank,
Robert Funge, Ed Galing,
Michael Hettich, &
Leonard Nathan

The first e-issue comes late, but this is a feature we'll be keeping up every March and September -- a little filler for our off-season. The pdf is 41 pages, designed to be printed out easily in color or black and white.

To subscribe to the newsletter, just send a blank email to: subscribe(AT)rattle.com

ps. I've been neglecting this journal lately, but we have a new official blog editor - Megan O'Reilly. She's going to be keeping this community up to date.

[02 Oct 2006|12:32pm]

New Section at www.RATTLE.com: E-Reviews

There's only room for about 10 reviews each year in the print issues of Rattle, which forces us to have very strict guidelines about length and subject, and doesn't let us run all the reviews we otherwise would.

Publishing unlimited reviews online allows us to let anyone say anything about any book/journal/anthology relating to poetry. The only rules are that you can't write reviews of your own books, and you can't be a bastard -- if it's a negative review, criticize the book, don't flame the author.

I want this to be a comprehensive section readers can browse to find which books to buy and which to avoid. Kind of like Amazon.com's reviews, only a little more literary, and about poetry.

We'll give the first 50 reviewers a forthcoming issue of RATTLE (or extension on subscription) as payment. Write a little review, get a lot of poetry! Guidelines are here. Please spread the word.

x-posted, sorry if you see this several times

[31 May 2006|02:55pm]

Coming June 1st (look for the silver shine, which here must be black)...


Marvin Bell · Ash Bowen · Mary Buchinger · Cullen Bailey Burns · Erik Campbell
Sarah Carey · Pablo Garcia Casado · Paul F. Cummins · Paul Dickey · Steve Dimeo
Pat Durmon · Cathryn Essinger · Alan Fox · Harvey Goldner · Arthur Gottlieb
Nathan Graziano · Steven Huff · Bonnie Jacobson · Mark Jarman · Melody Lacina
Melissa Lamberton · Gary Lemons · Nina Lindsay · Lorraine Merrin
Gabrielle Mittelbach · Missy-Marie Montgomery · Harry Newman · Pam O’Brien
Kenneth O’Keefe · Matthew Olzmann · Megan O’Reilly · Ed Orr · Debora Palmer
Elisha Porat · Stacie Primeaux · Linda Leedy Schneider · Mather Schneider
Sharron Singleton · Tim Skeen · J.R. Solonche · Susan B.A. Somers-Willett
Terry Ann Thaxton · Tony Tracy · Tony Trigilio · Debbie Urbanski · Elizabeth Volpe
Laurie Zimmerman

Ronald Alexander · Richard Beban · Erik Campbell · Alan Fox · Cheryl Gatling
Lisa Glatt · Tony Gloeggler · Julie Goldman · Jack Grapes · Salah al Hamdani
Sam Hamill · Lola Haskins · John Herschel · Frank Hughes · Karla Huston
Colette Inez · David James · C. Joseph Jordan · John Kennedy · Yusef Komunyakaa
Melody Lacina · Melissa Lamberton · Dorianne Laux · Li-Young Lee · Philip Levine
Naomi Ruth Lowinsky · Janet McCann · Jeff McRae · Ken Meisel · Micki Myers
Brett Garcia Myhren · Alison Pelegrin · Frank Mitrovitch Prosak · Seido Ray Ronci
Alan Shapiro · Steven M. Smith · Francine Marie Tolf · Ryan G.Van Cleave
Richard Vargas · Dallas Wiebe · C.K. Williams · Robert Harlan Wintroub, M.D.

William O’Daly

Stephen A. Allen · Thomas Carren · Candice Daquin
Janet McCann · J.F. Quackenbush · Lisa L. Siedlarz
Elizabeth Weaver

Hayden Carruth
Mark Jarman

Rattle Poetry Prize

[27 May 2006|04:34pm]

RATTLE BLOG SPECIAL -- Other Lit Mags Dump

At the office we get copies of maybe 50 other journals in the mail, plus many more individual books from people who want us to review them, but never will. Our cupboards are full. Iowa Review, Chatohachee Review, Gihon Review, Senecca Review, and on and on.

If anyone wants some of these, just send money for postage, either as cash, or checks payable to:

12411 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

$3.03 would cover about 6 or 7 journals, which is probably how many I can fit in an envelope. $1.59 would cover 2. Send the postage, and I'll just stuff an envelope full of journals and poetry books at random. Could be fun.

Or...order a copy of the new issue -- send $10, mention this, and I'll fill the envelope with another 5 or 6 journals, too. (The new issue is our "silver annivesary," and features interviews with Hayden Carruth and Mark Jarman, plus a selection of our favorite RATTLE poems from the past...I'll make a full post about it later.) You can see who's magazine you like better.

Anyone interested? Maybe not, but I don't know what else to do with these other journals, and I'd feel horrible just throwing them away.

[26 May 2006|01:53am]

RATTLE Interviews Anthology

Cheesy working title: A Fox in the Henhouse: 20 Conversations with Contempoary Poets

Looking at the list of poets Alan Fox has interviewed in the last 12 years is pretty impressive. Other than the ridiculously-priced-yet-still-in-print Between the Lines series, there seems not to be much competition in this little niche. We might already have a press lined up, and a good one, so beyond just trying to gage general interest, we've got to narrow this list down some. I'd really appreciate your opinions.

Keep in mind that these aren't intense, academic interviews -- they're casual and discursive, open-ended, more about the poets' thoughts and personalities than specific details about their work.

Inteview Anthology SurveyCollapse )

[11 May 2006|06:05pm]


The New RATTLE.com

for reference: the old rattle

Lots of changes are coming at Rattle, including a real "Poem of the Week" feature, which I'll post both here and on the website. This community is going to become more active.

[13 Apr 2006|11:22am]

Issue #26 of RATTLE is going to feature a tribute to "The Greatest Generation" -- those born between 1911 and 1924. It's actually kind of hard to search for this group of people, other than the more famous poets who have extensive bios. If you know anyone -- maybe a professor or grandparent who is a poet and falls into this age group, please let me know. Or let them know...deadline: August 1st 2006.


[22 Mar 2006|07:37pm]

Alyce Miller


They spotted him one early gray morning
placidly seated by the children’s swingset,
over-sized marzipan cat,
like a child’s stuffed toy abandoned to the dew—

(Pathera leo, you with ratty mane and skeptical look,
briefly free of the torments that brought you here,
what compromises have you been asked to make,
while imagining a world where God shuts not the lion’s mouth.)—

What amazed them all was how still he sat—
like a statue!—is he real?—motionless predator
balanced against the backdrop of swings,
shell-shocked yellow eyes

staring down a newly-mown suburban lawn.
Roar for us! the children howled,
safely beating on glass panes.
Come away, children, come away from the windows.

We have to call someone, they said.
We must alert the authorities.
Yet they too were perplexed and transfixed
by the frayed version of mythic grandeur.

And later when the lion was surrounded and shot dead,
the spectacle of his limp yellow body
splayed in final retreat,
the children ran out in search of paw prints,

claimed remnants of the tufted tail.
They traced the flattened grass for souvenirs of fierceness,
ran roaring circles pretending to be lions too.
One child gleefully recalled the lion’s loamy eye

holding the light, like this! like this!
the proof of his terrible danger.

--from issue #23, Summer 2005

[09 Jan 2006|05:35am]



Also, if you haven't yet, be a sport, and vote for your favorite ads here and here.

As to the contest, everyone should enter. 11 prizes, one really big one, and the only entry fee is a one-year subscription, which you know you want anyway...

preview from the new issue... [16 Dec 2005|04:14pm]

Marissa McNamara


When my husband goes out to water the lawn
cigarette dangling from his mouth and shirtless
I’m afraid that the police will show up
and arrest him since the only white guys I see
caught on “Cops” are tattooed (like my husband)
although usually they have homemade tattoos
which have to be fuzzed out
because they say things like fuck you which,
of course, is too many letters for one hand, one letter
per finger, so you might as well write fuck
on one forearm and you on the other so when
you stand with your hands at your sides,
you can relay a message and this
usually under the name Shirley or Tina
with a heart and maybe a crooked
arrow and shirtless, like I said, or at the very least
wearing a white tank top otherwise known as
a wifebeater, which my husband is not, but nonetheless
they, the cops, might drive by and see that he is
watering even though there is a ban during the summer
because of the drought and then throw him, shirtless,
over the side of the car while he yells something stupid
like “Please just don’t look in that small box
in my living room the one stacked on top of my
Grateful Dead tapes, just please don’t look there”
at which point they would have to come in and look
and with my luck I’d be braless and barefoot drinking
a can of Schlitz and have to tell the cops that my husband
wasn’t doing anything wrong, I swear, there’s no box
in the family room, but if there was,
it’s our right to have it anyway.

--from issue #24, Winter 2005

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